Manitoba Heritage Trees

Our province is blessed with an abundance of trees, but did you know trees also make up an important part of Manitoba’s natural heritage? Whether natural or planted, there are a great many trees in the province that may be considered exceptional. There might even be one in your own community! Maybe it is unusually large or tall; perhaps it was planted by early settlers or pioneers; or possibly it has a distinctive shape or even an entirely different form than normal.

If you are unaware of any special trees in your neighbourhood, next time you take a walk pay particular attention. By becoming aware of and interested in trees, you will not only enhance your appreciation of their beauty, you may spot one that could become a heritage tree. Manitoba Heritage trees can be found anywhere—within natural forests, in urban parks or yards, around farmsteads or even in prairie ravines.

Think you know of an exceptional tree?
The Manitoba Forestry Association (MFA) would like to hear from you! Simply follow the nomination process below. By gathering information about these impressive trees, the MFA hopes to encourage their preservation so that they may be enjoyed by future generations.

The process to nominate a heritage tree is simple… but the benefits are lasting.

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