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Have you ever visited a forest? It is a fact that for many youth, a visit to a forest is something only experienced through books, movies, or in one’s imagination. Many students simply would not have the opportunity to experience first-hand the nature trails, learning opportunities, and flora and fauna of Manitoba’s abundant natural forests.

The Manitoba Forestry Association (MFA) offers three Forest Centres to Manitobans for that very reason – to provide a site for schools to visit to get just such a forest learning experience. They are:

Since the opening of the first Forest Centre—Sandilands—in 1957, close to 300,000 students have experienced the forest first-hand. In fact, for many students, a trip to one of these “outdoor education facilities” may be their very first visit to a forest! However, the centres are not only for school students—community groups, families, and interested individuals of all ages can learn more about forests at any of our Forest Centres.

Join us at any of our Forests Centres to learn:

  • how a tree grows
  • how we use trees in everyday life
  • about fire protection and prevention
  • about insect and disease control (both invasive and native pests)
  • more about forest ecology, biodiversity, and sustainable resource management
  • how trees impact climate change, and how climate changes affects forests
  • to better understand the important role forests play in our history and economy.

Please, visit one of our Forest Centres and experience a unique opportunity to learn about this precious, fragile resource – our forests.

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