In anticipation of a longer hibernation, the Manitoba Forestry Association (MFA) has undertaken several initiatives that are consistent with our mandate.

As a tribute to all Manitobans enduring the ravages of COVID, the MFA Executive decided to plant Manitoba’s Covid Memorial Forest - a new seedling was planted to honour each life lost to Covid. The program has run for three years now memorializing the Manitobans who died of Covid.

The Sandliands Forest Discovery Centre will transition to new and dynamic hosts in the next while and the MFA wanted to preserve one of the most significant assets the Centre featured - the Tree Planting Car. The Tree Planting Car was moved to the Manitoba Agricultural Museum near Austin Manitoba where it will continue to provide an interactive and engaging testament to the role the MFA played in encouraging and educating folks across the prairies about the benefits of planting shelter belts.

The MFA also found a new home and host for the Association’s flagship educational program - The Manitoba Envirothon. The Manitoba Association of Watersheds is the new host of the Envirothon and all of its programs.

Manitoba Forestry Association

Manitoba's Covid Memorial forest

Tree Planting Car

Sitting in the Lap of History

New Host

Manitoba Association of Watersheds