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National Forest Week

National Forest Week is an annual event that gives Canadians an opportunity to tell their story to the public. It also gives the public an opportunity to get to learn about their forests, by taking part in activities like tree planting, forest tours, and many other special events.

National Forest Week has been celebrated since the 1920’s, starting as Forest Fire Prevention Week and evolving over the years to its present form. During this period its focus has expanded from prevention of forest fires in the early days to a much broader look at the many different influences affecting our forests.

National Forest Week, as it has been known since 1967, focuses the public’s attention on the importance of managing Canada’s forests to meet present and future needs.

When is National Forest Week? To be announced.

National Forest Week is observed during the last full week of September (Sunday to Saturday). National Forest Week is sponsored across Canada by the Canadian Forestry Association and regionally by its member provincial Forestry Associations, in cooperation with many other individuals and agencies.

In the past years during National Forest Weeks, the MFA facilitated the planting for:

  • 10,000 seedlings for the Planting for the Future program
  • 22,000 seedlings for he Manitoba Lotteries – Tree Canada planting project
  • 8,000 seedlings for Enbridge – Tree Canada planting project
  • 50,000 seedlings for the Entereprise Rental Company – Tree Canada planting project
  • 150,000 seedlings for Avatar Home Tree Initiative – Tree Canada planting project
  • 200 potted trees for TD Canada Trust – Tree Canada planting project
  • 1,200 seedlings were planted at Fort Whyte Alive as part of a public planting event.
  • 1,200 seedlings were planted by the students at École Edward Schreyer School at the Jessie Saulteaux Resource Centre in Beausejour.
  • and many more.

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