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Interlake Forest Centre

Located north of Fisher Branch near Hodgson along Highway 17, the Interlake Forest Centre (IFC) offers visitors the opportunity to sample some of the unique natural history of Manitoba’s Interlake. The facility, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2009, includes:

  • a log cabin shelter
  • an observation tower
  • two self-guided walking trails (Spruce Grove Nature Trail and Megwaakwaang Nature Trail (habitat), and a picnic area with outdoor toilets.

The Spruce Grove Nature Trail

This 1.2 km trail loops in and around a typical black spruce stand. Cool, dark, and damp describe conditions found in this forest! Points of interest along this trail include a limestone ridge, orchids, “ant city”, a willow grove and, of course, the black spruce forest.

The Megwaakwaang Nature Trail

For many people, observing wildlife can be a very special event, whether it be in the forest, along a roadside, or even in our own back yards. In order to gain a better understanding of wildlife, their habits and needs, it is worthwhile to learn about where they live—their habitat. The Megwaakwaang Trail illustrates some of the many places where animals live to create that varied and complex ecosystem we call the forest.

Note : To support the Interlake Forest Centre, please consider a membership to the Manitoba Forestry Association. You can request the funds be directed to the IFC.

For further information about the Interlake Forest Centre, contact Lynn Huff at (204) 372-6332.

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