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Duck Mountain Forest Centre

The Duck Mountain Forest Centre (DMFC) is a joint project of the Manitoba Forestry Association (MFA), the Duck Mountain Forest Centre Committee and the Swan Valley Loggers and Haulers Association.

The Duck Mountain Forest Centre is located on the east side of PR 366 just 16 km. south of Minitonas in the Duck Mountain Provincial Forest. The Loggers and Haulers Association chose the area as a site for development to stage a Forestry Exhibition. In 1998, the Swan Valley was named the Forest Capital of Canada. One of the requirements of the Forest Capital award was to complete a legacy project – the Duck Mountain Centre is that project!

The centerpiece is the Frank Marvin Visitor Centre, a multi-purpose building housing displays and artifacts depicting the early times of the Duck Mountains. A 3D model of the Swan Valley Watershed, along with life-size replicas of fish, owls, hawks, waterfowl, and other birds are found at the Centre as well.

Five hiking trails with a total length of 10 km lead visitors through the beauty of the Boreal Forest, with washrooms and a picnic areas on site as well. Signs identify the many species of trees native to the area, while the forest includes lakes, meadows, beaver ponds and thickets.

Beaver Island Trail

Visitors are encouraged to walk Trail “C”, better known as the Beaver Island Trail. A 70-foot long bridge leads you to Beaver Island. This self-guided, interpretive trail, sponsored by Ducks Unlimited Canada, measures 2 km and meanders through large white spruce, jack pine and trembling aspen. The forest floor is rich with a variety of plants and evidence of wildlife abounds. The trail features a series of small beaver ponds and an island to explore. A brochure, illustrating the 12 stops along the trail, is available.

The Duck Mountain Forest Centre is open all of July and August. Student employees are there to assist you.

Note : To support the Duck Mountain Forest Centre, please consider a membership to the Manitoba Forestry Association. You can request the funds be directed to the DMFC.

For further information about Duck Mountain Forest Centre, please contact Mr. Rick Bobby, c/o Spruce Products Ltd. – phone (204) 734-3089.

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