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2019 Theme Environmental Awareness

2019 Theme

Environmental Awareness

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Manitoba Envirothon – Theme – Environmental Awareness Regional Resource  **
Manitoba Envirothon – Theme – Environmental Awareness Provincial Resource

2018 Theme

Climate Change in the North

Manitoba Learning Outcomes  

For the 2018 Manitoba Envirothon Theme, the study material is:

Climate Change in the North 

The study of climate change is a very dynamic field, full of statistics and predictions based on the most recent model and study. As such, writing and teaching about the subject often becomes very technical and involves describing temperature approximations, precipitation estimates, predictions, date ranges etc. However, at the end of the day, it is most important to understand the general trends, scientificprinciples, and issues surrounding these changes, rather than focus on the exact numbers. As you are using this guide to prepare for Envirothon, please keep in mind that the general concepts are our focus and goal, not memorizing exact figures, tables, and diagrams.

The editors of this study guide (made for Educational purposes only for high school students in Manitoba, Canada) were responsible for amalgamating highlights from these materials and some specific editing but were not responsible and do not take credit for any of the writing or primary research. Materials were amalgamated in this form for ease of studying for Manitoba Envirothon participants. See below for author information.

Words in bold in the document are defined in a Key Definitions section.

Resources utilized:
U.S. Global Change Research Program (www.globalchange.gov)

Furgal, C., and Prowse, T.D. (/002): Northern Canada; in From Impacts to
Adaptation: Canada in a Changing Climate /00V, edited by D.S. Lemmen, F.J.

Warren, J. Lacroix and E. Bush; Government of Canada, Ottawa, ON, p. [V-112.
AMAP, /01V. Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic (SWIPA) /01V. Arctic
Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP), Oslo, Norway. xiv + /]^ pp.

NCF Envirothon Theme:  Western Rangeland Management: Balancing Diverse View

Thanks and credit to all the authors and contributors to this material!

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Did you know that students may be eligible to receive school credits for their participation in Manitoba Envirothon? For full details on how to obtain a School Initiated Course or Student Initiated Program credit please refer to the Locally Developed Curricula document from Manitoba Education.